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Mar. 8th, 2010

brigits_flame: march 2010 - week one

Title: Shadowhunter: The Reclamation of Proxis - Part One
Word Count: 963
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Premise: Oslo has been defeated. Can Aaron reclaim the Isle of Proxis and save humanity's Spirit?

The very minute the Sun was forced from the sky, humans became a slave race. Every living being left on Earth was forced into a life of servitude to please the Shadows.

The Luminaries were no more after their leader, Oslo, was murdered in the Battle at Proxis by Vigi, God of the Shadows. The home of all Luminaries was located on the Isle of Proxis. Now, it housed Vigi's throne and the Shadows. Vapid, lightless, and a tsunami's oasis, Vigi's Proxis demanded strength to survive. It demanded mischief and the gnashing of teeth, but, above all, chaos.

No one else was there to stand up for humanity, thus leaving Vigi and the Shadows to prod everyone around for their amusement. With Oslo obliterated, the Shadows conquered the Human Spirit and ended Peace on Earth.

When will the time come for Peace to be restored? Aaron brooded, shoveling through the remnants of a singed home. He picked through piece by piece of burned fragments. It stirred up clouds of ashes which covered and stuck to everything it touched. His drove was picking through rubble of apartment buildings, scanning for any bright objects.

He found a star pendant underneath some rubble and pulled it out, twisted it in the light to see how it glowed. The pendant was snatched from his hand before he could even begin to examine it.

Vigi's orders were crystal clear. All humans must work until every last luminous object on the planet was destroyed. When the last piece was destroyed, the world would be left in fulfilling darkness - ideal for Shadows. A Shadow policed each drove of humans, yelling, gnashing their teeth, discouraging anything but digging, moving, or shoveling. No rest was allowed for anyone until an entire acre of land was picked apart by each group, and resistance was not an option. Martyrdom was dead.

Aaron saw the monster clasping the pendant. "All things luminous must go!" croaked Grigi the Shadow.

We get it, we get it! Aaron wanted to scream out loud, or cry, or both. The more he shoveled and sorted, the more he thought about his family. The more he thought about his family, the more he missed them and the more he wanted revenge.


"Aaron! Aaron! Come in and clean your stars! They're getting dirty!" He could see his mom smiling through the open portal, motioning to come her way.

Aaron and Slink, his moondog, were playing catch. They had been under the Sun all afternoon.

"Aaaaannd - GO GET IT!" The flying disc cut up and across the yard, and Slink pounced, flapped his ears and gained even height with the disc. He floated back down in front of Aaron. "Gooood boooy! Awww..yeah, goood boy!"

He had been at it all day trying to teach Slink how to catch a disc in mid-air.

Aaron gave Slink a final rub and ran inside, leaving Slink to bark and yelp in spurts outside.

After the cleaning, he tucked the stars away into his closet, making sure they were all snug in their wraps. Each one twinkled sporadically, casting a brilliant light show around Aaron's bedroom.

"Mom, what's that?"

His mother turned and caught the image he was holding onto. An exuberant light wave was heading for them with no signs of stopping. They shielded their eyes and squinted.

"Mom, I'm scared! What is that?!"

Aaron embraced his mother and shut his eyes.

He regained consciousness. Burning piles were all around him, the smell of char wafting through the air. His mom was gone and Slink was nowhere to be found. He couldn't even tell if he was still at his house.

Aaron couldn't believe this. Where was everyone? Why was it so dark? He combed ash out of his hair and struggled to stand up.


"All things luminous must go!"

Aaron's hands were swollen and black from lifting the heavy, burnt pieces of building, and he was profusely sweating

He did not know how much longer he could last. His drove was only through perusing half of the acre for the day, and Aaron was certain the acres were growing bigger.

The people around him were just as swollen. Just as dirty. As they cringed and gritted their teeth in unison, Aaron hoped that there was a light shining somewhere on Earth, and that it would save them all. He stopped digging. He imagined a Luminary swooping in to give Grigi a taste of his own medicine, exhuming the Sun, and controlling all of the chaos.

Grigi towered over Aaron. "ALL THINGS LUMINOUS MUST GO! FASTER!"

He was knocked to the ground and landed face-first into the mud.

He picked up Aaron by his hair, lifted him to his feet and shoved him forward onto his knees. "Mush you filthy beast!"

As he hesitated, he saw a luminous piece. He wanted to just die than to do this forever, but his mother and Slink would not have wanted that, so he crawled forward toward the shiny object. Aaron dusted it off. It was golden, mesmerizing like a sailor's sunset. A griffin holding two swords was embossed on the Sun, and triangular rays ornately settled around all sides.

Aaron was transfixed, frozen.

"What are you doing, boy?!....." Grigi glided back toward Aaron. When Grigi laid eyes upon the object in Aaron's clinched hand, he gasped, hisses of shadow steaming out of his head. "It cannot be...only...ohh..."

Aaron held up the piece and broke into a smile for the first time since Demolition Day. He knew what he held in his hand was going to change Earth, change the chaos. "It's the Medallion of Oslo."

Part Two Premise: - What happened on Demolition Day? Where is Aaron's family? What newfound powers lie within the Medallion of Oslo?

This is my first stab at any type of fantasy/science fiction like story. I would love some feedback from fantasy writers. Of course, any feedback is always much appreciated!

Jan. 19th, 2010

BFlame - ARRIVAL - 01/10 - Week 3 - JFF

Title: Lone Valley Flights
Rating: PG
Prompt: from brigits_flame: Arrival - Just For Fun
Word Count: 153
Genre: Poetry

My lusty wonders set about butterflies.
They slalom through my chest space
and effervesce a potion anxious.

Around they flow --
casting dreams;
clasping breaths;
stinging with their plush wings.

My feeble net fails to hone their flight.
Many holes collage demise in my soul,
and I lay with you, your net smothering.

Around they droll --
laughing dreams;
choking breaths;
clinging with their flushed wings.

They rebel and revert to cocooning;
A place of darkness and immobile facts,
Lies, and black lungs eating teardrops.

Sound asleep they stall --
whispering wishes and
holing regrets;
fleeing inside hushed wings.

The bed is turned and burned.
Cutting your mesh to shreds,
I slalom through Lone Valley.

Near meadows they reemerge
mending callouses
mimicking mayflies;
picking the nearest flowers.

Nomads of fields --
They land, then
take off,
intrigued by hues.

My eyes succinctly scan
the Lone Valley meadow
for a net to welcome
the arrival of butterflies.

Jan. 11th, 2010

BFlame - DESTINY - Just For Fun

Title: Higher Purposes
Rating: PG-13 for some language
Prompt: from brigits_flame: Destiny - Just For Fun
Word Count: 934
Genre: Fiction

"Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules." -- Mr. Spencer from A Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Volunteer work was on the list. Good grades and extracurriculars were a defining start to a great high school resume, but if you wanted to go "above and beyond," you also volunteered.

A lot of Tristan's friends had already done so -- cleaning up a mile of the highway, or doling out meals for the homeless, or giving their time to the Youth Center. He thought he had done pretty well and could out-do his class by actually interacting with people. Planting trees and such would be a lot of fun, but reading to an elderly person in their home seemed moralistic, endearing even, especially to the board of a college.

He had always dived headfirst into any book that settled in his presence. The library was an amusement park. A chance to battle ogres and brood over life's great questions.

He grabbed his library card from his wallet, which was underneath his organ donor card. It was battered and the laminate was peeling, but Tristan slightly smiled at the card as he walked toward the checkout desk. All of the books that had passed through his hand. Dramatic changes had gone down since the first time he swiped the card to check out a book. He had used it more than any other piece of plastic in his pocket. The barcode was like a dog with only three legs, it was handicapped, but it still hobbled to his master when the time called.

"Well, what a surprise!" Sarcasm. It was Geri, the library coordinator.

Tristan slid a copy of A Catcher in the Rye across to her. It was the first book he had ever checked out in this library. "Hey there, Geri! I'm back again, but this time, it's not for me."

"What do you mean, there, dear sir?"

Tristan shoved the card back in his pocket. "I have decided to volunteer through 'Read All About It' and read to someone who cannot do so on their own any longer."

Geri smiled from ear to ear. "That's just wonderful, Tristan! You know, it was such a blessing for me to read to my mother as her health was failing. What made you want to do it?"

"I just thought it would look good alongside my stellar grades and band events."

"Hrm, that's good darling." Her smile faded and was replaced with a stern look. "Hope it turns out well for you."

He shook off his urgent retort. "Um, well, thanks Geri! You know I will see you soon!"

"Yes, dear. Have a blessed day."

Tristan was lost in thought. He didn't want Geri to ever feel indignation toward him.


She took the tea out of the cupboard and started to boil some water. Now, where is the sugar?

Agatha couldn't remember where she had put the sugar.

It is usually right here! Let's see, I made a cake for my daughter last week. Christie loved it!

Christie had come over, and they had watched TV together as they enjoyed the German chocolate cake.

Oh, well. Green tea is good without the sugar!

She settled back into her chair in the adjoining living room, becoming once again transfixed in Days of Our Lives. Bo had come back from the dead for the fourth time, this time in ghost form, to warn his lover that she was in trouble. She screamed at the TV when the actors were oblivious to foreseen troubles while also doing crossword puzzles during the commercials.

The show had just ended when there was a knock on the door.

Who in the hell?

She made her way over to the door and peered out the peephole. It was a boy, a teenager, brown shaggy hair and grayish eyes.

"Who's there!?" Agatha demanded.

"Um, yes ma'am, I was sent by the agency to help you."

What in the hell is going on?

She swung the door open and checked him out. He seemed harmless from the looks of him, sort of reminded her of Christie's husband, but just in the face. This boy was a beanpole compared.

"Whatever, what do you want?" She backed up with a grimacing look, signaling him to move into the apartment.

"Um...thank you, ma'am."

She pointed to the couch where he promptly sat with the book in his hand.

"What do you have there, son?" She sat back down in her recliner and turned to him.

He held up the book to her and read the title while pointing a finger to each word. "It's a book that I thought you might enjoy."


Tristan put the book down and hurried to take the water pot off. It had been boiling the whole time he had been here, and obviously her Alzheimer's had kicked in. There was no sound on this pot for some reason, but most of the water had evaporated.

He came back and plopped onto her couch, and opened up the book.

"What is it you're reading, son?"

"Agatha, I have already told you. It's called A Catcher in the Rye." He looked at her in disdain.

How could she have already forgotten? She obviously needed someone there. She could have burned down the entire apartment.

He thought of Geri's disappointment and opened up the book. She needs this, he thought, and started reading.

Jan. 5th, 2010

BFlame - STARTING OVER - Just For Fun

Cory woke up. He rattled his head and realized the date. He was starting to notice a pattern with the new year. The ebb and flow of holidays and nothingness. Bright lights to dark nights. People revel in their loved ones, only to be spat back out into the unforgiving world. Accountants and store clerks work all year to reach the penultimate Thanksgiving turkey, and some even start a separate savings account just for the chance to imitate St. Nick to their kids, nieces, uncles.

Thanksgiving and Christmas had already come and gone, though, but Cory could not shake off this sense of urgency. He was ecstatic about the chance to renew his life goals, and that opportunity always seemed to present itself on January 1st. It was very refreshing, that was true. It's as if someone almost erases the slate and hands over the chalk. Cory had taken time out to list all of the wrongs he wanted to right, and he also had one containing the many names of people he wanted to call and talk to, comfort, maybe help. It would be like anti-vigilantism.

He wanted to completely start over from scratch. Just go back to in utero, and erase those times in elementary school when he would stare off instead of paying attention in school, or the time in high school, where he set off a bunch of stink bombs and was suspended for the rest of the year. He wanted to start over, get rid of the times where he cursed his mother and the times he got drunk underage and took virginities. Or the time that he shot up three times in an hour, overdosed, and had to lie unconscious in a hospital bed for three days while his family worried, cried, speed-dialed other relatives.

Cory wasn't a vigilante or a punk, just curious and hurt. But that was what 2010 was for - starting over. Patching up those ties and showing people how he could be the white-picket fence lover or the brother everyone looked up to. He would redeem himself in the eyes of his family, friends, and community. They would give him a key to the city once he was done with his self-transformation. People would want him to kiss their babies, or adorn him with affection for being so brave, so congressional.

The urgency evolved into excitement. Cory dressed and went to meet his advisor at the Army Base. His plane to leave everyone behind was set to leave in an hour. Cory's mother drove him there and wouldn't let go once they arrived.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, mother. This is what I want."

She teared and cried until he sat down in the plane, and he couldn't see her anymore.

Afghanistan, here I come. I'm going to leave and come back. Starting over starts today.

482 words//Owned by Justin Deal

Jan. 4th, 2010

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